Heal Deeper. 

Love More. 

Uplift Others.

with Tatiana Cameron (Tajci)

Singer/Songwriter, Author, and Transformational Coach

"The unforgiveness that fed my insecurities broke and,
where before I saw ugliness, now I unveiled beauty."

- Tajci (Un)Broken


A personal memoir about a journey from grief and emotional pain to healing and finding oneself. 


One-of-a-kind blend of storytelling, poetry, journal entries, music and photography. 


The beautiful pages are designed with a lot of white space for you to write your story in.

    "Sing 'na-na-na's' of your favourite song laughing, not crying that you don't fit in." - Tajci

    “Tatiana (Tajci) Cameron beautifully shares from the depths of her heart, seamlessly weaving in stories, photographs, songs and deep spiritual reflections. 


    Step in and accept this invitation to dance with Tajci’s loving spirit!"


    - Dr. Jamie Marich, clinical trauma specialist, author, expressive artist

    The Institute for Creative Mindfulness


    Connect with the depths of your soul through music.

    Let the poetry of great classics like What a Wonderful World, Over the Rainbow and You Must Believe in Spring inspire you, and the music uplift you. 

    Reflect on self-acceptance, relationships and creating more joy in your life through Tajci's original songs. 

    Real, raw and beautiful arrangements of classing pop/country/jazz standards that accompany Tajci's memoir story about healing.

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    Music artist, speaker and coach

    My name is Tatiana, but I’ve always been called Tajci (TAI-chi). I love that my name sounds like  T’ai-chi the martial arts which is all about balance and connection between body, mind and spirit. 


    I’ve been a music artist since I was 4 years old. From a very early age, I saw (and experienced) music as a transformational tool, and one that has the power to connect people, heal and bring joy and peace. 


    All of my life I have been motivated by the same intention: to tell stories through music and move people’s hearts. Creating music, writing stories and producing uplifting and inspiring experiential events has always been my happy place.


    Through being a creative entrepreneur and a mom of three sons, I learned how to adapt, pivot, transform and recreate my business model to weather many life’s crises and remain successful. 


    I live in Franklin, TN with my three sons, tour with my music shows and speaking programs (when the world is not paused by a pandemic), write inspirational books (usually with companion albums), and use my life coaching certification to help other creatives heal deeper, love more and uplift others. 


    Professional achievements:


    Tajci became a pop superstar in Croatia (then Yugoslavia) at the age of 19, reached platinum record sales, had a doll made in her likeness, and was endorsed by Levy’s. As a finalist at Eurovision Song Contest, Tajci's megahit song "Hajde da ludujemo" is still one of the top favorite songs of all time.


    A graduate of American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, Tajci performed in many venues off Broadway, on NYC cabaret stages, and was an opening act of a show "Call for Bread" at the Madison Square Garden. She produced shows in NYC and Los Angeles, as well as toured with her own one-woman play nationwide. Her first USA album was produced by Camille Barbone, and featured such musicians as Nona Hendrix, Dave Stewart, Jon Gordon, Charlie Giordano, and songwriters Julie Gold.


    During her ten year residence in Cincinnati, OH, Tajci toured extensively with her music, released seven albums, wrote and produced full length musical “My Perfectly Beautiful Life,” co-founded a children’s theatre and performed a show with Steinway artist Dr. Stanley Yerlow. 


    After moving to Nashville, TN, Tajci produced three seasons of the TV show Waking Up in America, published five multimedia books, got certified as a life coach through Radiant Coaching Institute, and launched a new touring show with Live on Stage agency.  


    She is a Board Member of Nashville Peacemakers, a Better Decisions volunteer mentor at TN State Prison for Women, and a volunteer presenter for EndSlaveryTN. 


    You're a heart-centered, sensitive soul who loves music. 


    I'm here to guide you in following your path courageously.

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